Art Partnership Platform Tvifri Established in Georgia

Project “Tvifri” is the first platform of art partnership in Georgia, which will work on creating commemorative medals of Georgian production. Tvifri will make Both collectible and jubilee medals.

The main idea will be to popularize the Georgian alphabet, historical and cultural heritage and revive it in metal. “Tvifri” is a newly established organization whose mission is to pass along the country’s historical heritage and exquisite traditions from generation to generation by sharing the art of each medal. The idea of creating the company came in the wake of the actualization of Georgian-themed collectible medals and the revival of Georgia’s impressive history. According to Iva Janezashvili, the creative director and author of the idea of “Tvifri”, the platform unites all the people who value the history of the country, its diverse culture, and traditions.

“Tvifri is created for people who feel inspired by the expression of national values ​​and are proud to be the exclusive owner of designs based on traditional values. Since my first large-scale projects in numismatics “5 GEL silver coin dedicated to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics”; “Medea and the Golden Fleece and ‘Blessing as King of Tinatin’ were successfully implemented in cooperation with the National Bank of Georgia and Lithuanian Mint, I and my creative team came up with the idea to create a national project that would be completely Georgian,” said Iva Janezashvili.

The platform has already completed work on the first project, which will become known to the public this month. At the same time, “Tvifri” cooperates with many organizations to make each project different. “We are also pleased with the fact that ‘’Tvifri “unites people with different narrow specialties and, in addition, allows talented artists to present and realize,” said Iva Janezashvili.

According to him, Tvifri will be a platform for art partnership, which will present the history and culture of Georgia in the country and the international arena. “Tvifri” will create a perfect, exclusive design and with each new medal will revive the history of Georgia.